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After Coming To Power Karnataka CM Gets 1.5 CR Range Rover Fitted With Special Shock Absorbers

It looks like Congress is back into the action in Karnataka state with the first masterstroke by Karnataka CM who
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Following the Footsteps of CM, another Cabinet Minister Have placed the demand of Fortuner vehicle in the place of Innova, which is allowed to him by the government. 

It looks like Congress is back into the action in Karnataka state with the first masterstroke by Karnataka CM who acquired a luxury vehicle for himself worth Rs. 1.5 Crore with specially fitted shock observers. According to the reports, while the Congress party is going through the major financial crunch ahead of the 2019 polls, the Karnataka CM is busy catching the eyeballs on Bangaluru’s street with his 1.5 cr swanky SUV fitted with special shock absorbers.

The news published in the Times Now has come out with an exclusive report on the Kumaraswamy’s new addition to his fleet of cars. According to the reports, the SUV has been modified to the requirement of the owner which includes the specially fitted seats which have been tweaked to ensure more comfortable sitting arrangement. While Kumaraswamy is authorized to use the vehicle of his choice, he has reportedly been using the vehicle as the family believes it is lucky for him.

The story of his new SUV has come as a surprise to many of his party colleagues as Kumaraswami himself have been advocating of the simple living and urging his cabinet colleagues to travel in economy class, spend less on the official residences and renovations of their offices. This new controversy has amounted into giving out more opening to the critiques who have seen citing the story of Kumaraswamy’s predecessor, Siddaramaiah who used a Toyota Fortuner which costs much lesser than the Range Rover.

“While the law permits the CM to use his own vehicle, how is it an austerity measure when one has ferried around in a vehicle that guzzles diesel? And there are safety and security factors which cannot be ignored,” Times of India quoted social activist B H Veeresh as saying. “It is a bad precedent to set,” he further said. 

Meanwhile the Karnataka CM’s office has issued the clarification in media saying that the vehicle KA 42  P 0002 has been registered in the name of Kasturi Media Pvt. Ltd and since the CM had undergone the heart surgery twice and has been advised by doctors to minimise body strain and due to this the modifications in the vehicle have been carried out.


Meanwhile,d following the footsteps of its leader the Karnataka Minister have started demanding the Fortuner vehicle instead of Innova which allowed to him by the government. According to the reports published in Hindustan Times, the Karnataka Food and Civil Supplies Minister B Z Zameer Ahmed Khan have placed the demand of Fortuner vehicle before the government citing the Innova vehicle is of “Low Level”.

According to HT the Civil Supplies Minister have said that he is not comfortable in the smaller vehicles such as Innova since he is used to traveling in ‘Big Cars’ right from his childhood. “I have been traveling in big cars since my childhood. I have been sanctioned an Innova. I don’t find it comfortable because I have always traveled in vehicles that are big (in height)….Innova is low level,” he told reporters.

The opposition leader did not miss this opportunity and targeted Khan saying “He (Khan) owns over 100 luxury buses. Kumaraswamy (chief minister) wants to implement austerity measures. Khan has to serve the people of Karnataka, a majority of whom are poor or middle class. The minister should reduce his luxury,” Prakash told a TV news channel.

Time Mail Take

There is nothing wrong in demanding for the luxurious cars, as stated by the Rajya Sabha Congress Member defending the civil supplies minister, but it is important to understand the purpose of their election by the people and till the time the purpose does not get solved, no vehicle will help anybody cause these are all temporary things, including the power, as mentioned by Civil Supplies Minister Mr. Khan. Hoping that the civil supplies reach to the poor people of Karnataka we sign out. Please do not forget to leave your valuable comments on this issue.


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