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‘Have to Meet God’ – The Note Left Behind By The Family of 11 found Hanging from the ceiling of Their House

There is no limit to the craziness and beliefs of the people in our country. The recent case of 11
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There is no limit to the craziness and beliefs of the people in our country. The recent case of 11 people from a single family (apparently) committing a mass suicide is the burning example of the same. The note found near the dead bodies of the Burari family hints their meeting with God to be the main reason for committing mass suicide. 

The note further states that to meet God it was necessary to carry out this act of mass suicide either on Thursday or Sunday. While committing the act the lights should be deemed and the faces covered.

This story might sound weird and unbelievable, but according to the reports, this story has a strong base of past series that led to this particular incident, which we are going to narrate to you through this article… 

A strange incident of a mass suicide (11 people from the same family) on Sunday -1st July 2018 had shocked the entire nation. It was difficult to believe that someone could do something to this extent. According to the police reports, there were no traces of the forced entry into the house and possibility of murder was almost ruled out. In such circumstances, the major concern was how the family managed to do this act of suicide without any third person getting involved into it. First, let us take a look at the prevailing situation when the cops reached the crime scene. 

According to the reports published in all the major dailies in the country, when the police force reached to the crime scene, they found the bodies of 11 people from the same family hanging from the ceiling with their mouth taped and eyes covered with pieces of cloth. Some of them were gagged by putting the cloth in their mouth.

According to the Delhi Police, the prima facie was a pre-planned murder case but when the suicide note was recovered from the house, they have concluded it as a pre-planned mass suicide. Regardless of this act police could not tell for sure how the whole family managed to kill themselves.         

Have to Meet God, the family wrote in their suicide note – police report

There are many theories to this case. Police relate to it as a preplanned suicide case or a secret killing spree. People from the neighborhood are suspecting it to be a religious mass sacrifice, an involvement of a black magic or sorcery, while others claim it to be a religious sacrifice based on the fact that the family was known to be very religious and orthodox. But no theory is strongly supported, and Investigations are in process. 

The Background of the Suicide 

The story connects back 10 years ago when everything first started which perhaps resulted in the mass suicide of the family members. The Bhatias lived on the first floor of house number 137/5/2 in lane number 2 of Sant Nagar.

According to Hindustan Times, Lalit Bhatia, a member of the family ran a plywood business. One day he met with an accident that changed everything. A plank of wood fell and hit his head, and Lalit lost his ability to speak. In the reports stated by HT, one common friend of the family – Hemant Sharma stated, “The family tried all possible medications, but when that did not work, they began praying. When Lalit was cured of the problem, his family attributed it to their prayers. It made the family very spiritual”. 

Ever since the incident and the cure, the family looked upon it as a miracle and started religiously preaching to people in the neighborhood. Every day a family member would write a religious quote on the plywood and would keep it outside their shop. This continued until the day they decided to kill themselves. Sounds weird, isn’t it? 

According to the sources, the mass suicide came to light at around 7.15 am, when one of the neighbors, Gurcharan Singh, alerted the police after witnessing the horror. After the police investigated the crime scene they found few notes around the place. There were bodies hanging and stools left around. The pet of the family- a dog was found on the terrace of the Bhatia house, and it was the only one left alive. Surprisingly, the place looked untouched and clean. No evidence can be obtained because everything was in its place. 

According to TOI, police claimed that the house had not been ransacked and no valuable item was found missing or disturbed. Gold jewelry on the body of the victims was intact and the crime scene didn’t indicate any signs of the struggle.

However, Joint Commissioner (Crime) Alok Kumar confirmed that notes were discovered revealing religious practices observed by the family. According to NDTV, during a search of the house, certain handwritten notes were found, which point to the observance of some definite spiritual or mystical practices by the family. The notes also spoke of how the human body is temporary and one can overcome fear by covering their eyes and mouth, but despite of all these the police is not ready to conclude with evidence aiming at the religious sacrifice. Instead, further investigations are going on and the bodies have been sent to the specialized doctors for a post-mortem. 

Police doubt the case to be a mass murder by a member of the family. The NDVT claims the act could be proved a murder, since, 10 of the people (two teenagers and six women) were found hanging in the courtyard, while the body of another woman, a 77-year-old, was found in a room. She had been strangled. Through this image, the police have assumed that the incident could have been with the 77-year-old women murdering the rest and then committing suicide herself. 

Another clue leading to the further investigation is of the pet dog left on the terrace. How is it possible that the dog hasn’t barked or reacted to any of it? It could suggest that the dog didn’t suspect any attack since all were the members of the same family. 

TOI gives a detailed description of the family members as follows: Narayani had two sons, Bhavnesh (50) and Lalit (45), who lived in the house with their respective wives, Savita (48) and Teena (42). Bhavnesh had three children Nitu (25), Monu (23) and Dhruv (15), while Lalit had a 15-year-old son, Shivam. Narayani’s elder daughter, Pratibha (57) also lived in the house with her daughter, Priyanka (33), after her husband died a few years ago. All of them were found dead. Cops have seized a rope tied to an almirah in the room where Naryani was found dead. The post-mortem report is expected to confirm the exact cause of the deaths of the family members.

According to The Indian Express, Delhi Police Commissioner Amulya Patnaik said that an FIR has been registered under Section 302 (murder) of the IPC at Burari police station, and the investigation has been transferred to the Crime Branch

Further investigation will gain the in-depth information of the family, their lifestyle, their relations with one and other, the type of religious practice they followed and the enemies they had. There are many angles to this mysterious case and nothing is justified until now. Soon more things will come to light with the ongoing investigations.

Time Mail Take

Whatever be the circumstances, what is the probability that under any adverse conditions the whole family would commit the suicide? There surely must have been differences in the opinion of the family members while deciding to commit the suicide. Some may have said no, while some may have said yes. It is understood that under no circumstances the whole family members would decide to kill themselves at the same time for some religious issue. This looks to be a big conspiracy and it is not a suicide for sure. Even if the angle of suicide comes ahead, it is quite possible that one or more than one person of the family was involved in killing the members of their family and subsequently committing suicide. It all depends on the crime branch investigation to find out that particular member amongst the dead and the reason behind it.

Please do not forget to share your views on this horrifying yet weird case that the media has ever come across.

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