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Charter Plane Belonging to Mumbai Businessman Crashed in a Busy Locality of Ghatkopar Leaving 5 people dead

Based on the reports available from the reliable sources the Charter plane belonging to a Mumbai based prominent business tycoon
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Based on the reports available from the reliable sources the Charter plane belonging to a Mumbai based prominent business tycoon had been crashed in the busy residential area of Mumbai suburbs, leaving 5 dead. According to the sources, major tragedy had been averted due to the quick-witted pilot who lost his life in this accident while an effort to save the lives of many innocent people.

The images of the pooja of the ill-fated charter plane have gone viral on the social media claiming that the plane belongs to the Gutka Baron, the Pan Parag Owner, Mr. Deepak Kothari, however, no official confirmation has been done by the business house as yet.

According to NDTV reports, Five people were killed after a small plane crashed into a construction site in a thickly populated suburb of Mumbai this afternoon. The plane was on the test ride and about to land on the Mumbai airport before it was crashed in Ghatkopar, some distance away from the airport, stated the reports.

The plane was carrying four people including the pilot, co-pilot and two engineers, all four of them reportedly killed in the accident. One man on the two-wheeler was also killed as the plane crashed at a spot that sits next to several high-rise residential buildings. 

The NDTV report further claimed that the plane Beechcraft King Air C 90 turboprop, belonging to UP government was sold to the Mumbai based UY aviation company in the year 2014, which was apparently had been purchased by the Gutka Baron and it was on the test ride when the accident took place. “The plane had earlier met with an accident before the deal was done with AY Aviation,” quoted UP official Avinash Awasthi while talking to ANI.     

According to the sources, It took over an hour to put out the fire. The black box of the aircraft has been recovered and the DGCA has already started a preliminary probe into what caused the crash. Teams from the DGCA and Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting or ARFF have already begun collecting evidence from the crash site. 

The Business Standard reports have confirmed that the chartered plane belonged to the Gutka Baron Deepak Kothari “Five persons, including a pregnant engineer and a pedestrian, were killed and three others injured when a small private plane belonging to gutka baron Deepak Kothari crashed in the thickly populated suburb of Ghatkopar here on Thursday, officials said. 

Here are the images of the Pooja Being performed before the test flight take off   


The victims have been identified as Capt Pradeep Rajput, with over 5,000 hours of flying experience, and Capt Mariya Zuberi, who was formerly with Jet Airways, said a UYAPL statement. The others on board were aircraft maintenance engineer Surabhi, who was more than two months pregnant, and her colleague, aircraft junior technician Manish Pandey, (who clicked the picture before takeoff from Juhu Airport) both employees of Indamer Aviation Pvt Ltd (IAPL).

According to the Business Standard, The aircraft, was under maintenance with Indamer Aviation Pvt Ltd (IAPL), and was airborne on a test flight for an hour and was preparing to land at Juhu Airport when the accident occurred, said the company. It was slated to start regular operations soon. 

The impact of the accident was so severe that The fuselage had broken into several pieces and one piece was recovered at least 50 meters away while some other portions of the plane were seen burning in thick black smoke in the premises of an under-construction building. The fire was brought under control within a half hour by the fire brigade. 

A passerby, Govind Pandit, was burnt fatally when some burning fuel from the aircraft fell on him, said an eyewitness who was among the first to reach the spot, stated the BS report.


Once the black box data gets reserved the real reason behind the accident will be surfaced  but the use of such planes is not only risky to the owners of the planes but it can pose threat to many innocent citizens of the country and hence instead of tweeting the saddened messages on the tweeter the aviation minister needs to take strict action against the aviation company for the accident. What are your views on this news article? please share the same with us…   

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