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Beware! Now Just a Missed Call on your Mobile Phone is capable of making your bank account Zero, read it till the end

There are several cases that took place in Goa recently wherein many Goans have lost hundreds to thousands of rupees
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There are several cases that took place in Goa recently wherein many Goans have lost hundreds to thousands of rupees in the online scam and still, there is no breakthrough by the police or crime branch and the reason lack of expertise and laid back nature. Here is the true story that took place in Mumbai.    

It is true and it happened in Mumbai, the major financial capital of India. A Businessman lost 1.86 crores in just six missed calls. The hackers have become more intelligent and they are capable of making you penniless with just a missed call. Yet do not believe? Read this true story…

The report is coming in from Mumbai stating that a Mahim (Mumbai Suburb) based businessman was conned by the fraud caller and was robbed for a huge sum of the amount by way of few missed calls.

According to the reports published by India Dot Com, A businessman in Mumbai’s Mahim allegedly lost Rs 1.86 crores following six missed calls on his phone from 11 PM on December 27 to 2 AM on December 28, 2018.    

The hackers had allegedly got a new SIM card in the businessman’s name, deactivated his old SIM card through the missed calls, reported Mumbai Mirror.   

The report added that the purpose was to hack into and steal money from the businessman’s 14 accounts across the country.     

The businessman had six missed calls from two numbers on his mobile phone. One of the numbers had the United Kingdom dialing code +44. After the calls, the businessman realized that his SIM card could no longer be used when he tried dialing the numbers in the morning. The hackers had allegedly deactivated his number.    

Upon inquiring with the mobile service provider, the victim was told that his SIM card became dysfunctional after a request was made in his name for a new SIM card. Apparently, the businessman had linked all the details of his company’s account to his mobile phone.     

The victim lodged an FIR in the matter. The BKC Cyber Crime Police Station has registered charges under the various sections of the Indian Penal Code such as sections 420 (cheating), 419 (impersonation) and 34 (criminal act done by several people in furtherance of common intention) and sections 43 (damage to computer system) and 66D (impersonation) of the Information Technology Act. 

The Story so far tells only one thing and that is how the hackers manage to con the people using the technology but yet the story becomes one-sided as it is not possible by existing technology to hack your account unless you give the hacker an access to it or your account is vulnerable to hacking due to various reasons.

Here are some guidelines that can save you from getting hacked and using the money

  1. Never share your bank details with an unknown source
  2. Never give your OTP to any unknown person or an online friend
  3. You need to keep changing your ATM PIN and Net Banking Passwords time to time
  4. Use the smartphones that are more secured iOS devices are recommended
  5. Do not chat with a stranger online and never share your financial secrets with them   
  6. Use firewalls on computer and phones
  7. Use Antivirus software in case your device is vulnerable to get hacked 

You can Never Get Hacked by

  1. Just getting a missed call
  2. receiving a text message (Unless you reply to it)
  3. Talking to someone on the phone (unless you share some crucial information)
  4. Online chatting (unless you deal with complete strangers and share your crucial information with them)
  5. Receiving mail (Unless you share some important information and bank details online)
  6. Downloading software (unless you do it illegally from trojan websites)    

If all the above posts are taken into consideration, no one with any amount of knowledge can ever be able to hack into your system. The banks are having a most secure system in the place and so the mobile companies and if the online theft takes place it is only due to our own mistakes.

If you have any more information regarding the above, please do share them with us in the comments box below.

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