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Baba Ram Rahim’s Adopted Daughter Honeypreet says that her ‘Papa’ is Innocent and he has been Framed, She Surrendered before Haryana Police, following her Interview with India Today went Viral on Social Media

After 38 days of sabbatical, the most controversial and adopted daughter of Baba Gurmit Ram Rahim, Honeypreet Insan has finally
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After 38 days of sabbatical, the most controversial and adopted daughter of Baba Gurmit Ram Rahim, Honeypreet Insan has finally come out from her hideout and spoke to the media first time. She claimed that her ‘Papa’ Gurmeet Ram Rahim is innocent, and there were no impure relations between them. Honeypreet is finally lodged in police custody, the adopted daughter of Gurmeet Ram Rahim has been rounded up in Punjab.

It has been more than a month since the self-proclaimed Godman Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh has been convicted of rape, he was finally found guilty in the case that was going on for years. His “favorite angel” and an alleged “adopted daughter” Honeypreet Insaan was finally tracked down, after being absconding for the past 36 days. The police had issued a lookout notice against her following the violence by Dera Sacha Sauda followers after Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh’s conviction for rape.  Honeypreet had been named as one of the 43 most-wanted people by the speculations, about her involvement were widespread ever since her sudden disappearance.

When asked about what she had to say about the whole issue, she replied “The Honeypreet about whom the media is talking is not the real one. They have shown me as someone who is afraid of herself after the whole incident. I cannot describe my present mental state. I have been called a traitor, which is absolutely wrong. I was present at the court with permission. How else do you think can a woman be allowed in the premises amid such security arrangement? The court permitted me to be with ‘Papa;” said Honeypreet. 

When asked about the accusations of plotting riots, whether or not she considers herself innocent, she replied “I want to ask, how can a girl go alone without appropriate permission in the middle of the force? Later, they all said that I was wrong. I just need to say that all the evidence is there for the world to see. They accuse me of being involved in riots, but do they have any evidence against me? I am innocent. Have you seen me anywhere inciting riots? I was not present there at all.You have seen the whole situation. How am I guilty? I just did what a daughter is meant to do. I have not spoken to anyone. How am I involved in riots? We went to the court believing that everything would be fine and we would be back in the evening. But the outcome was devastating and the verdict was against us. Our brain stopped working only. How can we conspire in such a situation?”


She was also questioned about the relationship she had with Guruji and how some of the people in her camp, including her ex-husband Vishwas Gupta, have blamed her to which she replied that “ I do not understand how can someone question the holy relationship between a father and daughter? My main concern was the way the media projected me. How can they malign a father and daughter’s relationship? Can a father not keep his hands on his daughter? Can a daughter not love her father?” “Who are these people in the community, are they important? My ex-husband Vishwas Gupta is a nobody. I do not want to talk about them.”

And when asked why she did not appear before the police, she said “I went into depression. The girl who talked about patriotism with her father went to jail, then she was accused of treason. I did not know the legal process. After my father’s departure, I became helpless. I did what people guided me to do. I will now go to the Punjab and Haryana High Court. But it will take some time to handle my present mental state.”

She also added that “There was no such thing to follow Guruji to become a movie star. I did not want to be an actor. I always wanted to stay behind the camera.” and when asked about the reports of skeletons being found in the Dera, she replied “Have they found any skeletons in Dera premises? There have been only talks so far and nothing has been proved. My papa is not guilty and in future, he will be proven innocent.”

She was also asked about the sexual harassment of girls in the Dera and other stories about the camp and whether she wishes to take legal course “On the basis of one letter, how can anyone be held guilty? My father is innocent and his innocence will be proved. None of the women were molested at the Dera. They have not considered the opinion of other women from Dera and the women who accused him did not come forward.” “My father and I, have full faith in justice. I am sure, that we will definitely get justice”

According to the sources, Honeypreet was hiding in Delhi, and she said that she will be approaching the Punjab and Haryana High Court. She also had a message for viewers “ I and my father are innocent and the truth will come out soon. My relationship with my father is pure. Please don’t trust these baseless allegations,” she repeated.

 Lashing out at her ex-husband Vishwas Gupta, who had alleged that their father-daughter relationship was a sham meant for devotees, she said: “I cannot understand how anyone can point fingers at pious relations that are there between a father and his daughter. What proof do they have?”

 She also rubbished the rape charge against Ram Rahim. “We call him ‘papa coach’. Crores of women and girls have been empowered by Papaji. You believe two women and not millions of others?”

Honeypreet had been remanded till 3 AM, at the police station. Honeypreet had gone missing the same day after she escorted the Dera chief Ram Rahim on a special chopper from Panchkula to a Rohtak jail. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh was questioned well into the night at a police station in Haryana’s Panchkula after her arrest yesterday. Sources say she was questioned till 3 am on the charges against her, which include sedition and rioting.

She was briefly taken to hospital after she complained of chest pain in the night. Doctors reportedly declared she was fine.

Honeypreet, originally Priyanka Taneja, was arrested after being hunted for over a month by the Haryana police, which sent its teams to Rajasthan and Bihar and even the border with Nepal. She was questioned for four-and-a-half hours on her role in the violence by Dera supporters on August 25 after Ram Rahim was declared guilty of raping two followers; the police say 38 people were killed in the violence. The sources say that the interview went on till 3 AM.

What are your opinions on this serious case? Do you believe that Honeypreet is speaking the truth? Please share your opinions in the comment below.


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