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Do You Know About The 10 Places in India That You Are Not Allowed Visit?

India is one of the largest countries in South-Asia. It is famous for its diverse culture. There are many places
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India is one of the largest countries in South-Asia. It is famous for its diverse culture. There are many places you can travel to, but there exist some places in India that no one has even heard about or is allowed to visit. Some could be beautiful and some ugly, some disgustingly strange and some seamlessly creepy, but whatever and wherever these places exist, they are all very fascinating and interesting. Want to know about some of these places? Let’s have a look.

1. North Sentinel

One of the first places to be mentioned here is the ‘North sentinel’. It is a small part of Andaman and Nicobar islands. The people from this area are known as Sentinelese. They are a type of strict tribe that doesn’t involve itself with the outside world or have any knowledge about it. The entry to this place is prohibited by the Indian government as a protection for the tribe and also because of their unknown nature and behavioral patterns. It is not known whether they are friendly or hostile. It has been found that the tribe does not like anybody invading their home and privacy. They attack anyone who steps foot on their land. That is the reason why no travelers, tourists or campers are allowed to visit this hidden place.

2. Uno-In Hotel

Moving on to the next suspicious place that has been restricted from visits and entry is the UNO-IN Hotel-Bangalore. The hotel opened in the year 2012.  The funny fact about this particular hotel is that despite being in India, only the Japanese were allowed to enter. Absurd isn’t it?  This hotel was run by Indians and was then shut down on the grounds of it being racist.

3. Bhangarth Fort

The next place that is out of bounds is one of the most famous places in Rajasthan known as the Bhangarh Fort.  If you believe in paranormal activities, witchcraft, and spirits or if you are a fan of horror and thrillers, then this is something that will spark your interest. Locals of this area say that it is fine to visit the fort during the day, but through a separate path that has been created by the government for safety. No living being is allowed to venture the area before sunrise and after sunset. There is a signboard at the entrance which states that ‘No person is allowed to remain in or around the premises at night as per the notice by the Archaeological Survey of India.’ There have been many incidents reported where people have experienced strange things even during the day. You may not know what goes on where especially since the fort is really big and the corridors are like a maze.

4. Nicobar Island

On our next place on the list are a few segments of Nicobar Island. Unlike the Andaman Island, the Government has blocked visits to few places in Nicobar Island and it has been untouched since a very long time. These areas are not permitted entry due to biosphere reservations from the UNESCO for preservations of many birds and ocean animal habitats. The entry is only possible on the research basis and archaeological or scientific studies, but daily travel or visits are prohibited.

5. Siachen Glacier

Following this, is the Siachen Glacier. This place is used for military purposes and camping. Civilians are not allowed to traverse this place. The government has banned visits to Siachen Glacier as a consideration that this place could also be a terrorist hideout. Unexpected attacks could possibly occur and endanger the tourists visiting this place.

6. Chambal River

Another restricted place is the Chambal River in Madhya Pradesh. It is known to be one of the most beautiful places in India and describes with scenic beauty. This river has been used in many Bollywood films. You might strain your mind thinking that why such a beautiful place is restricted to visit, it is because of the native dacoits living there. The ancient folklore suggests that Chambal was at the boundary of Panchala kingdom that was ruled by king Draupada, whose daughter Draupadi cursed anyone who drank from the water of Chambal after the attempted disrobing on her. Although, no one follows this traditional story as everyone knows that River Chambal is famous for its aquatic population. It could be that the Government is trying to preserve and protect its wildlife and aquatic beings.

7. Bastar

Bastar in Chhattisgarh is highly famous for Naxalite activities by the Red group. The causes of Naxalism started due to turning tribal populations into squatters on their own land and denying them their traditional rights to forest produce in the late. The place seems to consist of greenery and beautiful valleys but is not a very friendly place to pay a visit.

8. Chomalu Lake

India is such a vast area with many lakes and rivers that we are unaware of. Surely we have spoken about at least two water bodies by now, but let’s see what the ‘Chomalu Lake’ is all about. Civilians are not allowed to visit Lake Chomalu as, according to the researchers, it is known as a place only for army personals. The area lies at the border of China and constant attacks could take place, endangering people.

9. Barren Island

The ninth place on the list is Barren Islands Andaman. Barren Island is famous for volcanoes and volcanic eruptions. It is said that the smoke rising from these cones can be seen even at great distance. Thus due to health and life security reasons, people are not allowed to that place.

10. The Aksai-Chin

Now we come to the last place on the list of top ten places in India- The Aksai-chin in Jammu Kashmir. This is where the separation borderline of India and China lies. It is very commonly known as the LINE OF CONTROL- LOC. Due to its constant military and terrorists functions the area has been prohibited by the Government of India.

Now that we know quite a few places that exist which do not entertain civilians, we need to stay alert to deflect any trouble.  Beware and be safe.


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