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The BrainStyles Concept – Which one are you?

The human personality has no limitations, except those it accepts. We all have the innate ability to push beyond what
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The human personality has no limitations, except those it accepts. We all have the innate ability to push beyond what we have always known to be our inherent personality. Time and again we’ve been exposed to self-report questionnaires and inventories to uncover our personality style, but never our BrainStyle. David Cherry and Marlane Miller have conceptualised a ground-breaking system, uncovering the development and manifestation of the brilliance of the human mind, understanding and furthering what is our natural inborn potential, biologically wired into our systems. Identifying our individual styles help differentiate between our strengths and weaknesses, building a strong foundation to an all rounded well-developed sense of self.

The BrainStyles comprise of PAEI – P being the Deliberators, A the Knowers, E the Conceptors and I the Concilliators. Each subtype has classic definitions, thoroughly designed and validated by the duo.

The Deliberators are individuals who are critical and evaluative, sticking by routines and the principles of what is known. Dominated by a solution driven approach, determined by logic and reasoning, Deliberators live off challenges, discovering their own mistakes rather than being told otherwise.

The Knowers are analytical and organized in their structure and approach. Qualified by overanalysing and delaying their approach to reach solutions by over-examining options, they find solace in their knowledge and experiential learning. Thriving on research, they prefer structured executions prioritising research and detailed planning over hasty decision making.

The Conceptors are known for their originality. Balancing a fair act between cognition and emotion, they prefer the unconventional over the old and the isolated. Living off the edge on the rush of chaos, they take well accounted for risks, enjoy challenges and thrive on their need for recognition of the new. Communication being their key to motivation.

The Concillators are the networking junkies. Building strong communication networks to mutually acclaim successful outcomes, they are tolerant, liberated and are known for their empathetic interest in creativity and socialization skills.

While each one of us may relate to one or more of the subtypes, it is for us to identify our weakness and build on our strengths. Determine which piece of the puzzle fits and discover your BrainStyle to make the most of who you really are.


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