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Hyderabad Man Died Due to Stampede at Sunburn Venue, not drug overdose, Claims Doctors

After facing lot of criticism from the opposition on the death of two Hyderabad men who collapsed at Sunburn Music
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After facing lot of criticism from the opposition on the death of two Hyderabad men who collapsed at Sunburn Music Festival Venue and subsequently died on the way to hospital, the authorities have come out with the reason of death of one of the deceased which suggests that the death occurred due to the broken ribs resulting into the internal bleeding. The reason behind the broken ribs is said to be the stampede that apparently took place at the Sunburn Venue. 

According to the report published by the national daily Times of India, the doctors who did the post mortem of the deceased have reported that the Hyderabad Man who died at the Sunburn Fest had two broken ribs due to which he bled internally and died.

One of the two deceased persons who died at the music festival was a techie M Sai Prasad, 32 years old native of Hyderabad while the other was businessman, Saragadam Chinni Venkat, 31, from Old Pendurthi in Visakhapatnam.

The family members of both the deceased who came down to Goa to take the possession of the bodies have demanded a fair investigation in the matter of the mysterious deaths of their kins. They want to know as two youth standing in the queue to attend the Sunburn Musical Festival died out of sudden.   

Chinni Venkat is a realtor by profession, he and his techie friend M Sai Prasad came down to Goa to attend the famous music festival “Sunburn” and while standing at the venue Venkat fainted and fell down and taken to the hospital in the ambulance while Prasad started feeling uneasy on the way to the hospital. Both died under mysterious circumstances and the involvement of drugs came into the picture.

Meanwhile, the family members of Venkat are not sure as what cause his death since according to them he was a very healthy person and he just cannot faint while standing at the venue. According to the sources, the police is trying to feed the story of Stampede at the venue is a cause of death of two youths to their family members.   

“When we spoke to the police and a few others in Goa after the incident, we came to know that Venkat and Sai Prasad died in a stampede at the beach, near the entrance gate of the EDM festival close to the parking area,” said Venkat’s uncle S Mohan. Doctors who treated Venkat said that two of his ribs were broken and there was internal bleeding. \

Venkat’s parents, Satyanarayana and Lakshmi, wife Swetha, and his friends and relatives are still in a shock. Venkat’s cousin, S Tulasai Bhaskar, who went to Goa after hearing the news of his death, told TOI that Venkat never consumed any kind of drugs. Even the Goa police didn’t find any drugs in the hotel room where the duo stayed.

Both the families of the deceased are confused and does not know the exact reason behind their deaths, as police sometimes keep telling it was due to the Cardiac Arrest while now saying that one of them died due to Stampede.

As the news of Prasad’s death reached his family, residing at the multi-storey Revathi Towers in Kothapet, people from around the apartment and nearby colonies crowded their home. “We heard that the Goa police have said that Sai and his friend suffered cardiac arrest. But how is it possible that both of them suffered a cardiac arrest at the same time?” said a neighbour.    

Family members of Sai Prasad, too, said that he was in good health and there was no way that he could have suddenly fainted while standing in a queue. However, the police in Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam have no clue whatsoever.  Venkat an emerging as a builder and realtor in Visakhapatnam. About two years ago, he married Swetha. The couple were blessed with a boy some four months ago and they had planned to name the boy Reyansh.

Venkat’s uncle Mohan suspects that a few miscreants might have been involved in the stampede to loot cash and gold ornaments from Venkat because whatever cash he was carrying and ornaments he was wearing were missing after the incident. Venkat’s body arrived in.

Source: TOI 

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