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Mind & Meditation – How The Human Mind Responds To The Meditation

The human mind can be compared to a patch of land on earth that has tremendous potential to be fertile,
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The human mind can be compared to a patch of land on earth that has tremendous potential to be fertile, productive and rewarding but only when the undesirable weeds which cover up the entire land are permanently cut and productive seeds are sown and nurtured with patience and knowledge, to reap the long-lasting rewards of nature.

Every thought that is articulated finds its expression through words and the language engaged to vocalize, reveals what is hidden in the mind’s recesses. This self-expression finds its origin in past experiences, external influences and perceptions or beliefs embedded in the sub-conscious mind of the person, which eventually shapes up the conduct and a distinct individuality. Unless one introspects on the impulsive and undesirable tendencies, it is impossible to recognize and appreciate the positive characteristics. Human beings are creatures of habit, routine and driven by impulses, which in turn are stimulated by cultural beliefs and community trends. It is believed that –“first you make habits and then habits shape the rest of your life”.  Isn’t it true of people who aren’t able to give up their unnecessary harmful food addictions and compulsive behavior patterns?


The mind is an inner organ of thought that is functioning at three levels:

Logic or reasoning

motion or sensory mind &

Ego or pseudo-soul (ahamkara)

The easiest way to manage the restless human mind is to regulate breath and practice meditation. The mind’s calmness has the quality of divinity because the mind can constantly focus on any ‘One’ aspect and not many, at a particular moment. The material world is not just alluring but persuasive. That is why people, who focus on changing their inner life and alter the path of their destiny, incorrigibly come down to the familiar and repetitive patterns of daily existence.

A fortunate few –those who practice and recall the power of supreme universe with each breath and thought persistence are able to secure control over their mind, gain equanimity with nature and realize true existence. When the mind is clear and the seeker begins to notice divinity in everything, wisdom prevails in all aspects of life.


A human being is essentially a human body with a soul which is invisible and resides in the brain. It is the soul that propels the involuntary bodily processes like a heart beat, respiration, dreams, sleep etc. and with each inhalation and exhalation, it enlivens the human body. All characteristics like human “will” and “ego” also stem from an individual soul.

Meditation is a path that draws the human will closer to the soul or true self. At this point contradictions disappear, the inherent potential is discovered and a path of least resistance is established. Conversely, if an individual remains affixed to the lures of the outer world through the conscious mind and never find time to connect; it will be nothing but a life of slavery of five senses from beginning to end.

The five senses in human beings have a treacherous way of making the subject reach out to a similar feeling or experience again and again by engaging false ego in the process, without making it evident that the entire gamut of life is based on giving and take. What is being taken away from the subject is unknown to his or her awareness at that stage of life.

The biological human body is like a chariot and the soul is the charioteer. The five senses are horses that draw the chariot. When driven by the egoistic self, the horses pull in different directions and the journey gets jeopardized. It is only when the five senses of perception (nose, tongue, eyes, ears, skin) are attuned to the divinity,  the ‘charioteer’ cruises through the journey of life in a fulfilling manner.


If devoted to the search of the self, a human mind can achieve self-control, sense control, heart control, breath control and withdrawal from five senses at will. The ascending chakras within the spine of the human body represent the five elements (data): earth, water, fire, air, and space. And each of these elements has a sensory connection with smell, taste, sight, sound and touch respectively. The chakras natural tendency is to be attracted towards Objects, Emotions & Thoughts [OET].

The battle of life involves an inner and outer struggle. Inner battles are against the human weaknesses of “virtue and vice”, “negative and positive”, “good characteristics and bad”. The outer battles, on the other hand, are against temptations. These compel Man to act on his extrovert comfort with Objects, Emotions, and Thoughts [OET]

Self-perfection and enlightenment form the basis of human purpose that dispels darkness and leads to a blissful transformation. Because the quality of one’s life is the quality of one’s consistent feeling.

Note: Article republication from the feed syndication. Originally written by Soham for Goa Prism.

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