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An Author And Speaker- Donning Many Hats With Ease

Switching between roles is a challenge, to say the least, but not if you enjoy what you do! We have
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Switching between roles is a challenge, to say the least, but not if you enjoy what you do! We have living proof in Avijit Arya who carries off his roles as a speaker, an author and the founder at Internetmoguls with equal élan. How does he do it? With a lot of passion for each role and a genuine desire to make a difference to the people around him.

When Avijit started learning about PPC in 2003, the concept of smartphones and Google as an ad platform were unknown in India. He used this knowledge to drive PPC campaigns for his family hotel and grew the business manifold. He has not looked back since.

As an author, his book ‘The Accidental First Mover’ has turned the spotlight to being first in the market, taking risks and savoring the rewards. Both Google and TripAdvisor had this benefit when they launched- that of being the first of their kind. The payoff is here for all to see.

His second book, ‘Bedtime Stories For Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs’, co-authored with his two daughters, is the kind of book that all children should grow up reading. It sold over 50,000 copies in a month and inspires kids and their parents alike to tread a new path.

His writing and vision have inspired many through platforms such as Franchise India, FHM, TimesJobs, Inc42, and YourStory. He often shares insights on digital marketing in general and its relevance to the hospitality industry in particular. His podcasts and #askaviarya show have a huge following.

Proficient in Spanish, French, Cantonese, and Mandarin apart from English, his magnetism as a speaker regularly pulls enormous crowds. From engagements that give people a perspective on digital marketing to diving deep into the hospitality and tourism industries to inspirational talks that drive action, Avijit can keep a variety of audiences of all profiles engaged. He has spoken at over 300 conferences across 12 countries. He often derives inspiration from his own life story to motivate others and show them that anything is possible if we set our mind to it (and if our dads are strict with us!)

So how does he juggle his time between his engagements, a family of two kids and an extended family of dogs? He never thinks of his life as a juggle-struggle and instead tries to embrace each role as it is. Thus, his writing is as engaging as his speaking, and his speaking as compelling as his expertise.


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