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These 10 Steps Will Help You to Secure A Salary Hike From Your Boss

Who do not want to make more money!!! Of course, everyone does. Do these earnings are directly proportionate to the
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Who do not want to make more money!!! Of course, everyone does. Do these earnings are directly proportionate to the amount of handwork you put into your work hours? Not always. According to the following article, the 10 smart steps taken by you will also be sufficient to be able to make more money for you. How? Check it out here.

Normally according to the general practice, the companies give the raise in the salaries of the employees who have performed well throughout the year and this is the right time to claim yours. According to the sources,  While different companies or different departments may have their own criteria to evaluate the individual performance of its employees, there are certain fundamentals that remain unchanged. Here’s a list of 10 things you can do to not only become a productive and a valuable employee but also secure a good appraisal this season.

1. Document all your achievements


If you have proof of all your work, it will help you and the boss avoids recency bias. Recency bias makes one focus only on events in the recent past. Besides, if you keep a record, the boss has no way to refute your hard work.

2. Self-evaluation


Self-evaluation will help you understand where you stand in the organization and how much increment you can expect. This way you will have no one to blame but yourself for the size of your salary hike.

3. Equation with boss


If you are at odds with your boss, all your diligence and hard work may go down the drain if he is the decision-maker for your increment.

4. Be a team player


Getting along with colleagues and helping or guiding them is often seen as a key trait which can be the crucial difference between a good and an average increment.

5. Set your future goals


Set your goals for the next year and discuss them with your boss. This is a clear indication of your loyalty and commitment to the company and is bound to attract a good appraisal and higher increment.

6. Go beyond your KRA’s


Flexibility at work is the key to drawing attention to your work. If you are seen as a multi-tasker and dependable, rest assured you will be valued and are bound to get a good hike. Don’t just stick to your KRAs.

7. Get your work assessed by your boss regularly


Knowing if you are on track and where you are lagging will help you grow professionally. This exercise will not only keep your boss aware of the quality of work you are putting in but also keep you at the top of his mind at increment time.

8. Reinvent your skills


If you constantly upgrade and keep up with latest developments, you will have an edge over others and the company will be keen to retain you.

9. Be a problem solver


Thinking out of the box and coming up with a solution will make you a worthy employee. Problem solvers are likely to be in the boss’ good books and therefore get favorable treatment especially when it comes to salary hikes.

10. Be a committed employee


Stay committed to your work and be punctual about your in-time. Always reach a couple of minutes before reporting time at your workstation. Punctuality not only shows that you are disciplined but also reflects your sincerity and commitment.

So If you are ready with the above steps incorporated into your schedule you are surely going achieve the fair amount of raise in your salary and in case you have any more ideas that can be added to the above please do share the same here in your comments.


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