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KRK Caught Demanding 25 lakhs On Audio Call Leaked by Rohit Choudhary

Actor, producer, and businessman Rohit Choudhary has blown the internet by sharing a shocking video on his Twitter handle on

KRK Caught Demanding Money
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Actor, producer, and businessman Rohit Choudhary has blown the internet by sharing a shocking video on his Twitter handle on Friday evening. Around 5.30, Rohit posted a call recording of him and actor-turned-film critic Kamaal R Khan who is very commonly known as KRK.

In the post, he even wrote that he has shared the audio clip so as to expose the real face of the critic. He also called him the “biggest blackmailer of the Indian film industry” who charges an extremely huge amount for not indulging in “negative publicity” of films.

The accused has demanded Rs 25 lakh from director/producer Anil Sharma for the reason being: not doing a negative promotion of his film, which certainly is crazy. And when Rohit spoke to him, KRK negotiated and agreed for Rs 20 lakh, thus eventually reducing Rs 5 lakh.

While we readers depend totally on the reviews of film critics, there is a whole bunch of politics going on in the industry which makes us lose interest in such people.

A month ago also Rohit had given an exclusive interview to Lehren where he had openly exposed KRK in detail. Rohit told how he defamed him and as result, Rohit took proper legal action against him. Rohit told Lehren that KRK escaped to Dubai after his legal action.

KRK has been known for always giving controversies all around. The actor has been consistently grabbing attention for all the wrong reasons. Earlier, Salman Khan had also filed a complaint against KRK. While KRK had claimed that it is in retaliation for his unfavorable review of Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai. KRK had informed about this on his Twitter handle. He shared the first page of the legal notice sent to him. In another tweet, KRK agitated and also tweeted that he wouldn’t be ‘reviewing’ any of Salman Khan’s movies in the future.

Taking to his Twitter handle, KRK wrote, “Many people are asking me to review film #HaseenDillruba! First thing I don’t know, when this film was released and where. Second thing I don’t review C grade films of C grade actors because Me Me Me #DrKRK is the No.1 critic in the world.”

At the end of the clip, the actor is found saying that if one refuses to pay the said amount to KRK, the actor-turned-critic gives bad reviews for their films and would even make personal remarks about the cast and crew of the movie.

Responding to Rohit’s post, KRK wrote that since every person wants to gain “publicity” using his name, “I can’t react to give publicity to everybody and anybody.”

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