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Meet Kaira Maheshwari, A 11-Month-Old Girl, Suffering From A Rare Medical condition Called Albinism

Imagine having rashes by just facing sunlight and eyes flickering just by sunlight. You can probably call it an allergy..

Kaira Maheshwari
Kaira Maheshwari with her mother
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Imagine having rashes by just facing sunlight and eyes flickering just by sunlight. You can probably call it an allergy.. But have you heard the word Albinism before?  Well for most of us, it might just a term, but for Kaira, it’s about her life and her family. Kaira Maheshwari, a 11-Month-Old baby whop is suffering from Albinism, an inborn pigmentation disorder which makes a person’s hair, eyes and skin white. This happens as a result of a pigment called melanin which does not produce by the body. 

Well, life is not always a bed of roses for everyone! “I was 3 months into my pregnancy when we found out that my twins were growing in the same sac,” said Kaira’s mother, adding that  It’s tough for babies to survive in the same sac but she was hopeful. “I went for a checkup every week but when covid guidelines were implemented, I had to stop going to the hospital. What we found out at the next checkup was devastating.”

“The doctor told us one of the babies may not survive & suggested us to get operated & abort both the babies in the 6th month,” she added. 

It was a shock for her, she was reluctant and so was her family, but she went ahead with the pregnancy. “When Kaira was born, even though my heart ached at seeing the other child leave, holding Kaira in my arms made me the happiest mother in the world,” she said adding that her face bloomed at the first sight of kaira. She looked different.

“We waited for the melanin to develop but on getting our test results, we found out that my baby is an albino child. The melanin in her body did not produce which made her hair, eyes and skin absolutely white.”

Kaira’s mother, tells us about the various problems faced by her and her family but they have not given up yet! “We were worried and looked for treatments. The only treatment that happened was in the US that cost an amount of 2.5 crore,” said Kaira’s mother adding that  Kaira develops the rashes in the sun and her eyes start flickering due to sensitivity.

“We are still trying to find resources, collect the funds and get her operated,” she said.

Reminiscing about Kaira’s days, her mother says, “You know there were days I used to feel tense but she always looked so happy and displayed so much affection that she doesn’t let my face get wrinkled for long. She is her dadu’s heartbeat. And until now, has only said 2 words -‘bua’ and ‘dadu’ I mean, what about me?!” 

Kaira’s mother has made her Instagram page to make people aware about Kaira’s condition. She knows that she won’t be able to protect her always so once she starts understanding things, this is the first topic her mother would explain to her about. 

“She is my fighter baby that survived all odds in my womb so in this real world, I am sure she will be a lioness. Oh yes, It’s worrisome to think about her going to school and getting out in the sun. Also because, she is “Raat ki Rani” added her mother. 

“She stays up at night, plays at night, & looks like a glowing little diya in the night! Our nights are full of games and fun times with her, but just as the day starts rising, a fear starts to rise within us too!” Concluded her mother. 

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