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Do You Get Friendship Requests on Facebook from The Girls With Hot DP? You are Not Alone, Here is Something That You Must Read

The social media was created to make the world a smaller place and to bring the people closer to each
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Social media was created to make the world a smaller place and to bring the people closer to each other but, the Fraudsters always find the way out to make use of any platform for their benefits. The Facebook has become one such lucrative platform for the scammers and then the number of friends requests you keep getting from the Girls with Hot DP is one such trap, which has made many bankrupt, and to some even lose their lives. If you have ever encountered such incident then you must read it, and if you have not then you must not ignore this…

All of us keep getting friends to request from unknown people on Facebook, and many a time we accept them. Sometimes without knowing the consequences of it. Here we are talking about the friend request male counterparts in India keep getting from the pretty looking and skimpy dressed foreigners. Invariably they have a hot profile images and many hot pictures on their profile page. The invitation becomes so tempting that most of the guys fall for it. 

The idea of this article is not to scare you and tell you to stop accepting the friend’s request, from all the girls with the Hot DP, as many of them are genuine too. Our goal is to make you aware about the scam going on under the guise of friends request, and guide you in a manner that you should know how to find out if the profiles are genuine or fake.

After the good amount of research in this segment I have managed to find out as how to distinguish between the fake and original profiles, regardless of the fact, you have accepted the friends request or not. Accepting any friends request is not an issue at all but, falling prey to the predators is. Let me tell you that most of the HOT profiles are operated by the predators who make use of this platform for searching their prey. The Financial fraud is one of the most lucrative business in the world, which runs into the billions of dollars, and scammers use the social media platform for cheating. 

How to Find out If the Profile is Fake or Genuine

The Girls sending you the friends request always use a Hot DP on Facebook, and the contents of the profile are made very attractive and appealing. In the first instance, it makes you accept the request. Once you get into the friendship, you start getting messages from them asking you about your personal details. Most of these Girls shows you as Victim of the society to victimise you later on.

When you get the friends request, first thing you need to do is, take a close look at the profile of that person, and you will find only a few friends on their friends list, (this is not applicable to the people who have just joined the Facebook and are genuine too) there are some profiles you will find with the mutual friends in their list but, remember that those friends of you have also accepted the request without any verification.

Another thing you will see is, the said profile does not have any posts, they will have only their images posted with Hot Msgs on it. The real profiles have the posts related to their friends and families which fake profiles lack. Always read the caption on heir profile which will be an open invitation and having explicit contents in it. Again it is not a real profile, no person with the real profile will make use of such explicit contents.

Another most important thing which I would like to share with you here is, once you accept their friendship, you get a message from that Hot Girl telling you that she had liked your profile and that she wants to get closer to you by knowing you better, and for that you need to get in touch with her on her private email address (which she had apparently  shared only with you) as she cannot communicate with you on the messenger for a long time. Many of them claim not having a boyfriend (which is impossible to believe. How a hot girl like that does not have a boyfriend, the only witty person can guess) and wanted to share their life with you. Some of them even claim to be windowed and separated.

Many of them will also show their willingness to do business with you and they ask you to send them your personal details such as bank account (to transfer the funds in your account) this makes you even more vulnerable. (Hot girl and Money, what else you want?) Some of them will keep telling you the stories which you will believe you eyes closed,    cause your fantasy does not allow you to think rationally. Then they ask you to click some links which you also don’t know where it leads you, and at the end of this fantasy game you do not even realize when you funded them instead of getting funded yourself, and at the end, you neither have a girl nor money.

The best thing to remain safe from such profiles is, avoid them and never accept their requests. You may think that you are smart enough to not to get conned but by accepting their request, but that will make your other friends vulnerable to this. You never know which friend of yours on the Facebook may accept the request from these scammers thinking you are the mutual friend and it is safe.

The bottom line is, do not accept any request whatsoever it may be, without knowing the person properly. Always check their profile and make sure that it passes all the tests mentioned here above. Do not blindly believe in mutual friends, unless you want to verify the same with your friend. As the technology is becoming more accessible, the predators are making it the platform to churn their business. The prevention is always better than a cure. If you like this content, please share your views on this in the comments section. Next, I will come with more articles on these scammers sitting abroad and in our country and how they operate. Keep updating yourself by following us on the social media platforms.


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