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The Big Basket’s Pockets are Too Small When It comes to Their Delivery Network??

When SRK (Shah Ruk Khan) endorses any product, saying ‘I also buy from these stores’ no one can stay behind
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When SRK (Shah Ruk Khan) endorses any product, saying ‘I also buy from these stores’ no one can stay behind for placing the order and something similar seems to have happened with the Big Basket’s Success Story. One of India’s biggest grocery online company has managed to scale the heights within a very short span of time by getting King Khan endorse their products and services, but at what cost, we will see it in the following story….

It is very easy to set up the online stores in India nowadays, but the problem lies with the delivery network of the products, wherein the Flipkart and Amazon being the biggest player in this market, the new players have lot of competition to face, but not by cutting down on the safety and well-being of their employees, and the Big Basket seems to have been doing something similar with their delivery boys for quite some time.

Here are the images and a Facebook Post which have gone viral on the social media with nearly half a lakh of shares. The images posted by a Delhi Based Saurabh Trivedi addressing to the Bigbasket. According to the Facebook post of Saurabh, he asked the Big Basket to take a look at the pictures, and think if this is the way one should treat their employees? “Even the animals shouldn’t be treated like this,” claims Saurabh on his Facebook post.

“5 days back, this delivery person came to my place. He came via bike carrying this huge bag, the temperature outside was around 43 degrees and the guy was literally bending forward due to the heavy weight of the order he was carrying on his back. He was sweating severely.” states Saurabh in his post.

According to Saurabh, the low income, and incentive-based earnings makes these delivery boys carry hefty weights on their shoulder, which makes them bend forward due to the load. The company is not bothered about their Delivery Men’s plight and does not provide any assistance or convenience to them whatsoever, perhaps now you might have understood from where those huge price cuts on the product delivered to you come from.

“He told me that his income is based on the number of the order he delivers in a day and company is not concerned about their plight. Be it scorching heat, rain, storm or whatever, the company pays him only on the basis of total orders delivered and does not provide any assistance to improve their convenience for the same,” states Saurabh adding that “Despite being a market leader and one of the most customer-centric organisation, it was highly unexpected to see your treatment towards your employees. You guys should be dealt with the strong action under the law. Friends, please share it as much as possible.”

The above example is evident enough to project the pathetic condition of the people working with some big companies, especially the online companies that deliver the products at your doorstep. This condition needs to change and there needs to be some rules and guidelines laid down for the safety and betterment of these delivery men.

The Facebook Post of Saurabh Trivedi has been addressed to the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of IndiaRavi Shankar Prasad, and there is a big possibility that the minister and department may issue the guidelines to the company, but will such malpractices go to stop in the future? Looks difficult, at least in our country. Please do share your views in the comments box below.


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