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6 Shocking Secrets of The Hotel Housekeeping That You Might Have Not Heard Before

Do you travel a lot for work or simply love to vacation? Then it’s pretty obvious you’ve stayed at different
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Do you travel a lot for work or simply love to vacation? Then it’s pretty obvious you’ve stayed at different hotels in many places. For security purpose and a good experience, the first thing we do while booking our package is making sure that the stay remains comfortable. We look up for reviews, count the stars and search all the services that interest us. But what we don’t realize is that no matter what quality hotel we stay in, the housekeeping of the Hotels have some really good secrets that they keep only for themselves. It’s just like the PLL theory: ‘Got a secret? Then keep it; you better lock it in your pocket taking this one to the grave, because if two keeps a secret then one of them is dead’. But you will definitely be goose bumped at the mysterious details that are only known by the maids of the Inn.

So let’s take a look at what can be so secretive that we haven’t known since the time we first started staying at the hotels.

1. Extra Pampered


When you book the room that you feel is the best for you and expect a royal treatment, don’t have high hopes; because even though every customer is important to the hotel, it turns out that the returning guests and deemed VIPs are the top listed concerns and are over pampered by the staff. After all, these people are the bank balance for the hotel business and a consistent source of revenue. It doesn’t mean you’re not special, but you’re just not as special as the VIP and VVIP. VIPs are big business and they pull a rank over who gets to take care of them in their suits and most expensive rooms. The VIP’s are most likely to tip more which is a huge bonus to the maid staff. Thus, the extra care and attention given to them is the reason. Do you even know that unlike us tending to leave our belongings behind, when a VIP guest leaves their valuable things, the maid can easily claim it by saying that it was given to her as a keepsake for taking good care of them at their suits. So now we know this secret, but let’s get to know more.

2. The, I Spy Game


We don’t spend every hour of the day inside the room; we always go out for sightseeing or perhaps some shopping and have completely no worries in our mind, because we trust the hotel brand as well as their services. During our outing, the maid service has probably come and gone from your room.  Other than cleaning and tidying up they don’t do anything else, right? Are you sure that there is no snooping around? More than a few maids have confessed that while doing their services, there is never a time that they skipped being curious about the customer’s belongings. In fact, if you leave stuff out, they definitely look at it. If you have forgotten to zip your bag, there is a good chance that the maid can look through it. Especially if you carry fancy things including magazines, pills, drugs, clothes, or probably even your lingerie, they can blindly tell what kind of personality and characteristics you possess from what they see in your room. In extreme cases, it is also believed that sometimes they can even fidget with your laptop, so you better make sure to delete all that browser history, as it is human nature to be inquisitive about such things.

3. Your interior set up


Every hotel has a standard interior which we all recognize as the bed, bathroom, cupboard and drawers, a TV, a table, a sofa and a mini-fridge. There are also sofa chairs and some 5 stars and 7 stars even have huge sofa settings. These extra seating are always welcome for small get together and parties. As clean and epic these interiors look, you have to rethink about it because it is just not all that clean.  According to ‘The Richest’ channel, it was quite disturbing at the confessions made by the housekeepers that not only you but food drinks and naked bottoms touch those surfaces all the time. The worst part is that the clean white sheets and sofa seats that we see are not cleaned unless any stains or marks are visible. Even if the stain exists, it is just bottled up with a cloth or perhaps a solution that makes it only visible under UV light. It seems that if the sheets are looking clean they will simply call it a day. The most interesting fact is that the blanket you see designed neatly along with the bed sheets on the bed hasn’t seen the washing machines for weeks on end. This cuts short the work they have. Be careful, as the sheets which you sleep on are definitely almost the same as the ones which were previously used.

4. The Sweet Revenge


As per ‘the richest’, it is revealed that maids could also take revenge if you act rude to them. Not the murder kind of revenge because obviously they would lose their job and go to prison, but it is the ‘sweet sixteen: you broke off with me’ kind of revenge that keeps them going. Yes, these maids could probably dip your toothbrushes in the toilet water and you might not even be aware of it. Whether you’re a jerk or having a bad day it’s better to save yourself from their revenge by being polite to them. A maid revealed that after a customer was rude to her, she used a shower towel to wipe the bathroom floor and hung it right back up. So the next time you go to a grand hotel or even the cheapest one, make sure you treat them well. After all, you don’t want to be the victim of their gross sweet revenge.

5. The dress up Maid


Oh yes, if you have all those branded Gucci, Versace, Puma, Nike and Swarovski stuff lying around, then the house keeper’s itchy hands fall on them. They try out your fancy outfits as some may have never even got to see them before. We have all come across this in many movies, but are we sure that it doesn’t happen in reality? Maybe, they won’t just look at it, but even try it on, maybe even clean in it or even sleep in it on your room bed. Throughout the day working and slogging cleaning up the mess, maids could be worn out completely and thus deserve a short cat nap. But where will they sleep? If their boss comes around they might be in trouble; thus, some hotel staff around the world has admitted that while heartily taking their time to clean up your room, they relax, have some fun and sleep.

6. The Mini-Fridge Rumours


We have all seen the small mini-refrigerator that is kept in the room. It contains some of our favorite titbits, drinks, and chocolates, then why do we hesitate to have something from it? That is because of it too expensive for us than a normal bloody Mary would cost.  But truly! It is the right thing to do by avoiding eating from the mini-fridge. It was known by the maids that these containers were not updated and a lot of these products in the fridge are either near or past their expiry dates. Some customers on opening them even found fungus growth on them. Thus, make sure you consider this important fact as it may affect your health.

So friends, now that you are aware of these secrets we are sure that it will be surely of a lot of help in your next vacation trip to the hotel. If you are aware of any such things which you would like to share with us, please do go ahead and write it down in the comments box below… 

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