The social media has become a virtual ground for the people across the world. Some of us dwell in the social media day in and day out and our involvement to such an extent into this virtual world many times makes us believe that this is our real world and everything that happens there is considered to be a real. The following case is a fine example of the same.    

It was just a simple act of removing a group member from the Whatsapp group, and yet the cruelty of humans.  Social media has become a crime hub today, especially with something like the Whatsapp in hand. People have become crazy and club these particular apps with their emotions. If someone doesn’t reply back, it means they don’t want to talk to you. If someone replies late, it means they dislike you. If someone removes you from the group, it means you are of no use to them. It could mean that the person is busy, or has no network. But no, we think negatively. This has become a critical case today where we all eat Whatsapp, sleep Whatsapp and talk Whatsapp.

On May 17, 2018, 18-year-old Chaitanya Shivaji Bhor, based in Ahmednagar was attacked by three people with a sharp object.  The reason behind the attack was that as a group admin of Whatsapp, Bhor removed a member, leading to this horrible incident.

It is known that the Whatsapp group was created for college purpose having college students as the members from an agricultural college in Mumbai. Sachin Gadakh who was in the group had recently left college, thus Bhor removed him from the group. This was taken as an insult by Sachin and he was extremely furious at this act. Later, on 17th, Sachin’s friend Amol and two others secretly went to the location where Bhor usually has his meals. Soon they stabbed him with a sharp object as a weapon on his stomach, mouth, and back. Bhor has filed a complaint against them under section 307 of IPC and Arms Act.

The intention of Bhor to remove his group-mate from the WhatsApp group is unknown. It could be that he wanted to mock Sachin for leaving college and thus removed him. But even if the case suggests that it is no business of Sachin and his friends to plan an attack on Bhor. Jealousy and anger are the main highlighted emotions in this particular case. And we all know such things somehow leads to attacks and murders.

Do you want to live in a place that controls your emotions through the virtual world or you want to live in the reality where we can think before we act? The attack which took place on the WhatsApp group Admin will have its consequences in the long run. What is your say on this? Please share your views in the comments section below.



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