The cases of lynching by the mob is on rising in our country. The recent case of 15-year-old Muslim boy Junaid, who was lynched in the Mathura bound train is still fresh, and another case of lynching has come up in the media. The video clip of 42-year-old Otera Bibi from Bengal, being tortured and lynched to death is going viral on the social media. According to the sources, this mentally challenged woman was lynched on suspicions of child trafficking at Sekendra village in West Bengal’s Murshidabad district on Tuesday. This is the most recent in a string of mob lynchings witnessed across the country over the last few months.

The video of the torture of the lady by the crazy mob is going viral on the social media. The people who are responsible for killing this lady says that they have a suspicion that the lady was a child trafficker. Meanwhile, the police have blamed the incident on the miscreants who supposedly spread the rumor that the 42-year-old Otera Bibi is one the child traffickers prowling in the region.

According to the sources, the national newspaper The Hindustan Times had reported about the rumors of child traffickers in the nearby Jharkhand which has amounted into triggering the panic in the state’s West Midnapore, Jhargram and Purulia districts. Sekendra has located about 30 km from the Jharkhand border.     


“The villagers started beating the woman mercilessly. She was trying to say something, but we couldn’t understand it. In fact, her incoherent speech fuelled suspicions that she was a trafficker from Bangladesh. Some youngsters ripped off the woman’s clothes and partly tonsured her. Then they tied her to a tractor and beat her for three hours,” a local resident told HT on the condition of anonymity.

Regardless of the fact who she was, the treatment given to one mentally ill lady by the mob cannot be justified, and the encouragement to such kind of incidents will only lead to spread the chaos in the country.

The sources revealed that the small contingent of police forces reached to the spot but the villagers did not allowed them to interfere By the time backup team were summoned and the woman rescued, it was already too late. Otera succumbed to her injuries soon afterwards.

Meanwhile, the Additional Superintendent of police (Lalbagh-Murshidabad) Angshuman Saha blamed the incident on miscreants who deliberately spread rumors about Bangladeshi child traffickers prowling the region. “We will not spare the people who spread these rumors. We will also take action against the villagers who lynched Otera Bibi if her family lodges a complaint,” he added.


Although the villagers claims that the Otera was a child traffickers but the police sources have dismissed the villager’s claims. According to the police sources, disappearance of the children from the area had lead to raise the suspicion in the villagers and some miscreants have played the major role in this crime, said the sources. Fourteen-year-old Fultushi Ghosh was allegedly abducted from the village on June 21, and police have failed to trace her until now. ”We believe that our daughter has been abducted by Bangladeshi criminals. A complaint was lodged with the Raghunathganj police but to no avail,” said Shankar Ghosh, her father.

The reason behind police not getting agreed with the villager’s speculations is the condition of a deceased Otera who was mentally ill. The child trafficking is a work of a gang, and it cannot be done by single woman. What is your opinion on this? Do you also feel that the Mentally Ill Otera was involved in to the child trafficking? Please do share your views on this serious issue.



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