In one of the shocking incidents that took place in Mumbai, a couple was seen allegedly having sex on the busy streets of Mumbai’s Marine Drive area in Nariman point which is also a prominent tourist spot.

According to the India Today report, an incident took place between the Air India Building and Marine Hotel Plaza, on the busy thoroughfare of Marine Drive, also known as Queen’s Necklace. The spot was just a few meters from the Maharashtra state government headquarters.

Despite of the fact that it was the busy hour of the day, the couple did not seem to mind the presence of passerby’s who stopped and started to shoot their video and click pictures.

By the end of the day, the video became viral on many mobile phones and social media.

According to the NDTV reports, someone from the crowd alerted the police. It is that said that when they saw a mobile police van pull over they started fleeing to the other side of the road dodging the heavy traffic. The man who appears to be from a foreign national fled, however, the police were able to nab the girl. A search party is put after him.

The NDTV reports said that during the interrogations related to the incident, the girl told that she is from Goa but later backtracked and gave conflicting replies. She has denied allegations put on them and that they were ‘just kissing’ on the road divider. As of now, no charges have been slapped on the couple.

The girl seems to have some mental problem and is reported to be in unstable conditions hence she is kept under shelter in Mahila Suraksha Kendra in Chembur. The Further investigation is on, the police told news agency IANS.

The police are scanning the CCTV footage in the area to track down the man, besides checking local hotels, and Foreigners Regional Registration Office for his identity.



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