The teacher is considered to be the second parents of the students and if they turn out to be a predator in nature then who is left to protect them? But some responsible people do not understand this and exploit the innocent children for their own benefits. This is one such case we are about to tell you here, the Director and Teacher of a School exploited an 18-year-old girl student of their institution and when she became pregnant, they forced her to abort.

According to the reports published in the Hindustan Times, an 18-year-old student was allegedly gang-raped by the director of a private school and a teacher of the same institution in Sikar district of Rajasthan and was then forced to undergo an abortion in August when she became pregnant, police said on Monday.

The reports further said that the teenager was repeatedly raped by the director and one of the teachers for the period of two months and when she became pregnant in the month of August, they allegedly forced her to undergo the abortion due to which her condition worsened.   

According to the police reports, the class teacher used to make the class XII student behind in the school on the pretext of extra classes and later both (Director and Teacher) used to exploit her sexually. “The accused used to threaten her,” said the police officer adding that “Both the accused are absconding at the moment and the condition of the victim girl is unstable.”      

According to the reports, Ajeetgarh SHO Mangla Ram said, “The accused, school director Jagdish Yadav and subject teacher Jagat Singh Gujar made the class XII student stay back after school on the pretext of extra classes, and raped her. She was also intimidated and threatened.”             

According to the police, things started unfolding before the mother of a victim girl, when she took her to the doctor for a checkup on 25th August, following a complaint of a severe pain in her stomach and other complications. “When Yadav learned this, he rushed to the spot and convinced her mother to take the girl to a different clinic in Shahpura, claiming its doctors were his `friends’,” alleged the survivor’s family. Cops suspect Yadav may have bribed the clinic doctors to hush up the matter.

Following that incident, on 28th August, the doctors of a private clinic told the survivor’s mother that the condition of her daughter is deteriorating and that she had to undergo he urgent surgery. Anxious about her health, the family agreed to the surgery, not knowing that she was pregnant and was undergoing an abortion, said cops. After the procedure was done, the girl was discharged from the clinic with a prescription for several drugs.    

On September 7, her condition worsened and she was rushed to Jaipur’s SMS Hospital, where the doctors informed the family that she had undergone an abortion. Following this, the girl identified her tormentors and the family filed a FIR against the two Teacher, who is absconding. The cops have launched a manhunt for the accused, and they are sure that both the accused will be behind the bars soon.       

”The role of the clinic is also being probed. A case against the clinic staff would be registered in course of the investigation,” said a senior police officer. The survivor is still unconscious, and not in a condition to record her statement, cops said.

What is your opinion on this? Do you think that the accused will get custody or their influential connections will help them to go Scott free? In the country where poor fills the jail and rich go Scott free how will the powerful person be nailed down? Please share your views.



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